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For over 30 years, RW Smith has been a leader and an innovator in the municipal bond industry as a Municipal Securities Broker’s Broker. In 1985 when Dick Smith opened his first office in Seattle, small retail focused firms in the fixed income markets had few option for buying and selling their customers’ bonds because the margins were too small for most large Wall Street firms.

Dick saw the need and a solution: bring institutional expertise to the retail markets.  Bring the power of Wall Street economic engines to regional centers across the country. He opened RW Smith to serve as a gateway between Main Street and Wall Street. The company quickly became one of the leaders and most trusted partners in the industry.

Today, RW Smith is a fully licensed and registered fixed-income Interdealer Broker (IDB) with offices in key regional centers across the country. 

  • We provide Access to the fixed-income markets and to market information, believing that the power of information enables the power of choice.
  • We are committed to Transparency in the process – no hidden fees or mark-ups. You know the wholesale costs.
  • We are Advocates for that Access and Transparency, especially on behalf of small firms and individuals, keeping those gateways open and available to all.