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Bid Pad Audit Trail

RW Smith retains and archives complete bid pad and ticketing history, including when bids are [...]


On Around-time bid wanted items, bidders have the right to ask for a post on [...]

Auction Items Marked for Sale the Next Day

When bonds are marked for sale the day after the Auction was run, RW Smith [...]

Auction Items Marked for Sale

On Around-time and ASAP bid wanteds, the RW Smith trading system will close the bid [...]

We Do Not "Round Up" Bidders When Bonds are Marked For Sale

RW Smith does not allow "rounding up" of bids once bonds have been marked for [...]

Submitting Bids to the Potential Seller

At the Around-Time of an auction, the originating broker reviews the bid pad and evaluates the [...]

Bid Verification

In addition to comparing the high bid against predetermined parameters, RW Smith brokers are expected [...]

Working Auction Items

Unless otherwise directed by the potential seller, RW Smith will make a reasonable effort to [...]

Designation Option #3 – Sharp/Firm Designation

In the bid-wanted sector of the market, bids placed on bid-wanted items are good until [...]

Auctions Designated “ASAP”

A dealer client may present a bid wanted item to RW Smith and designate the [...]

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