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Headquarters / Offices

RW Smith is headquartered in the Seattle area:

40 Lake Bellevue Dr, Suite 340
Bellevue, WA   98005
425-455-0258 (fax)

The company has offices in 9 cities across the country and employees about 30 people.


Paige W. Pierce is President and CEO.

Company History

RW Smith was founded in 1985 in Seattle and from the beginning has sought to bridge the power of Wall Street with the regional knowledge of Main Street.

For 24 years, RW Smith served the industry as a Municipal Securities Brokers Broker, an important subset of the Interdealer Broker industry, facilitating trades of municipal bonds only. In this category, RW Smith consistently ranks among the top three firms. In 2009, RW Smith expanded its license to facilitate transactions of all fixed income securities.


Believing that access to information enables the power of choice, RW Smith is taking a lead role in putting a public face on what has been an unknown industry. The company is committed to access and transparency not just for those in the financial markets, but also for the general investing public.

RW Smith is also a passionate advocate for small firms across the country and specifically small firms in the investment industry. (Approximately 2900 of the 4900 firms registered as broker dealers, employ 10 people or less, with well over 75% of all member firms employing 150 people or less thus qualifying them as a small firm.) To this end, top management serves on many regulatory boards and committees and takes an active role in meeting with key regulators, legislators, and industry leaders.